ACME Motherboard Finder

Set up your requirements for a PC motherboard, and this little widget will give you a list of boards that fit. The database currently includes 1154 boards from:

SuperMicro (144) Abit (94) Gigabyte (92) MSI/Microstar (76)
Asus (74) AOpen (73) Tyan (62) Iwill (60)
ChainTech (54) EPoX (45) Soltek (31) Soyo (30)
FIC (29) Intel (28) DFI (26) ECS/Elitegroup (25)
QDI (24) Jetway (23) Azza (22) Biostar (22)
Shuttle (22) VIA VPSD (16) Fujitsu-Siemens (11) Transcend (10)
Matsonic (8) Tekram (7) Freetech (6) PC Chips (6)
AMI (5) Amptron (5) Lucky Star (5) Octek (5)
Zida (5) Acorp (4) DTK (4) TMC (1)
Search by name:

Or search by features. Boards with features at least as good as what you specify will be listed. For example if you specify AGP 4x, you will get boards with both AGP 4x and AGP Pro; if you specify PC2100 memory, you'll also get PC2700-capable boards; and likewise for other features. Generally you'll want to leave most of the features as "Any" and search on just a few items.

CPU type:
1 2 4 Any
PCI Slots:
PCI Type:
ISA Slots:
No 1 2 3 4 Any
DIMM Slots:
No 1 2 3 4 6 8 16 32 Any
RIMM Slots:
No 1 2 3 4 6 8 Any
No 1x 2x 4x 8x Pro/4x Pro/8x Any
ATA/33 ATA/66 ATA/100 ATA/133 SATA SATA II Any
Onboard SCSI:
No Ultra Wide Ultra-2 Wide Ultra-160 Ultra-320 Any
Onboard ethernet:
No 10baseT 100baseT gigabit Any
Onboard audio:
No Yes Any
Onboard video:
No Yes Any
USB port(s):
No 1.x 2.0 Any
Onboard RAID:
No Yes Any
Board form factor:
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