ACME Digital Camera Database

Set up your requirements for a digital camera, and this little widget will give you a list of cameras that fit. Or search by name to find the specifications for a camera you're already interested in. The database currently includes 585 cameras from:

Sony (95) Olympus (63) Canon (56) FujiFilm (54) Panasonic (40)
Konica-Minolta (39) Kodak (38) Nikon (38) Casio (36) Pentax (28)
HP (22) Toshiba (19) Kyocera (12) Epson (9) Ricoh (8)
Konica (6) Agfa (5) Samsung (5) Concord (4) SiPix (4)
Leica (2) Gateway (1) Polaroid (1)

Generally you'll want to leave most of the features as "Any" and search on just a few items. Also, try using the '~~' operator, which means 'approximately' - plus or minus 30%, or in the case of the announcement date plus or minus three months.

Sort by:
Announcement Date:
Max Horizontal Pixels:
Max Vertical Pixels:
Sensor Size:
Sensor Type:
CCD CMOS Foveon Any
Pixel Pitch:
Min Focal Length:
Max Focal Length:
Zoom Ratio:
Pixel Angle:
Image Stabilization:
Yes No Any
Macro Focus:
Local Storage:
Download Interface:
serial USB IrDA FireWire None Any
AA AAA NiCd NiMH lithium Any
Digital TTL Optical TTL Viewfinder None Any
Yes No Any
View Freeze:
Yes No Unknown Any

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