Flickr Fixr

This app includes a couple different fixes to inadequacies in Flickr. You can pick and choose which ones you want to enable. Current offerings:

Geotag Interoperation
Standard geotags look like this:
geotagged geo:lat=37.88185 geo:lon=-122.29556
When Flickr first implemented maps back in 2005, they used this standard format. Later they switched to a non-standard custom system. If you prefer to use the standard tags, this fix automatically copies them to Flickr's system every night.
Album Sorting
All image sequences throughout Flickr are shown with the newest image first and oldest image last, with one exception: Albums (a.k.a. Sets). Albums get new images added at the end, instead of the beginning. If you don't like this inconsistency, you can reorder your Albums every time you add to them, but that gets tedious. This fix automatically reorders your Albums every night.

If you have ideas for more things I could fix via the API, let me know. And if Flickr ever gets around to fixing any of these deficiencies themselves, I'll gladly retire my version.

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