Used Car Gorilla In 2005, Tomas Apodaca created a flickr group called Guess Where SF. He posted a photo of an inflatable gorilla on his flickr account and challenged people to guess where in San Francisco the gorilla was. Since then, nearly 30,000 photos have been posted to the group, and most of them have been guessed.

This is a prototype for the Guess Where SF book idea. For this version I picked thirty of my own photos. The real version will have more like 100 photos, and not just from me.

The input file is a list of flickr photo-ids, plus the answer text for each photo. The rest of the data gets extracted automatically from the Guess Where Watcher database and flickr's own API. Generating a new version is just a matter of typing "make".

There's also a way to override the title of a photo. Some people like to re-title their photo after it gets found, putting the answer in the title. Can't have that showing up in the book!

The mechanism demonstrated here for obfuscating the answer is mirror text, implemented by rendering the text as an image and reversing the image.

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