Bent Sunset monkey on bars I KNOW, but I like my bike so whatever. bumpy Geometry Blue To Green Arch Deux Chevron intersecting planes ramp curves cave Green buttons absorbent and yellow and porous Optical Illusion hanging out cylinders sky Y the menu reader dog house tree Isolated Shower GMC 150 What do you see? Colorful Tiles #1 hoops and loops the green gear wait here at signal....... Propeller Little Egypt on the bay wye After the Gold Rush spots By the way, which one's pink? angles When life gives you a picture of strawberries ... Office Chair Down the spot Half Swirl one way 12 pipes Where Am I? Where Am I? Where Am I? fragments Mesmerizing empty metal bulges Seats at the Counter sphere shiny Where Am I? Where Am I? Six Legs Semi-Reflective Surface Vanishing Point Cool  Meditation The Wall Thin Blue Lines As if it could go on forever Marion Steam Shovel Company GOO Eat Fine ASS ...with a smile Carnival A Inc. neon maze unlock moooooo Bulbous Stairfest '07 Stairfest '08 steps Stairfest '08 Stairfest '08 Stairfest '08 GHCOPPT#15 Flag (like) Percentage Drug Co. this at night mural Robot red bamboo first aid OBEY Union Machine Co. Through the Tunnel Mordor bridge bear Angry pyramid Clock Archival Section Guitar Green House a series of tubes mmm, pound cake Brunswick Rye and  Bourbon Cresta Bros Auto Parts waterwall Eyeballs on the sky Blue Heart Shadow walking Brick Web cat tile Pipe green wall 3-D Where Am I? Creeping In Where Am I Now? Where Am I? Where Am I?

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