About Comment Searchr

Flickr's own search function does not look at comments on photos. This one does (although only for a few specific photo streams).

How It Works

Once each night, Comment Searchr's cron job connects to flickr and looks through the list of photo streams that it is keeping track of. It fetches any new photos in those streams, and any changes to old photos. It looks at titles, descriptions, tags, comments, and even notes. All of that is copied to a database here at ACME Labs. The actual image files are not copied, just the metadata.

When you do a search, Comment Searchr checks the database for the string you entered. For any matches, it generates a photo link pointing back to Flickr.

Because the database is only updated once a night, Comment Searchr may not find comments that were just added.


The search pattern syntax is similar to Google's:

Adding To Comment Searchr

Want your photo stream or group pool to be comment-searchable too? We could do a few more. Let us know, and we'll add yours to the list. For large streams/groups it'll take a few days to index all the photos.

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