01 May 2004 - present
A 3.2 GHz Pentium-IV with 2 GB memory and 200 GB disk in a RAID mirror. The box was built by Fine Tec Computer for $1688 based on my specifications, using the SuperMicro P4SCT motherboard. The OS is now FreeBSD 4.9. Connectivity is still via the Speakeasy 1.5 Mbps SDSL line.
17 March 2004 - 01 May 2004
Now running on a temporary machine in my office. It's the same CPU speed as the previous machine, 450 MHz, but it has 160 MB memory and 60 GB disk. The OS was FreeBSD 4.5. Connectivity was via a 1.5 Mbps SDSL line to costing $300/month.
25 November 1999 - 17 March 2004
A 450 MHz K6-2 PC with 64 MB memory and 8 GB disk, custom built by ACME Microsystems for only $665. The box was co-located at for $150/month, where it shared a T1 link to The OS was FreeBSD 3.3. The web daemon was my own thttpd.
03 November 1995 - 25 November 1999
The first ACME incarnation to provide web service ran on one of's servers, a shared 200 MHz Pentium Pro running FreeBSD 2.2.8, for $50/month. My disk quota was 70 MB and I was allowed 200 MB/day of data transfer.
17 April 1991 - 03 November 1995
During this period ACME Labs was an email-only UUCP site running on a Sun 3/50 in my office.

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