WebGrep - search a web subtree for a pattern

Fetch the software.

This is basically "grep" for the web. You give it one or more URLs as arguments. It enumerates the files reachable at or below those URLs, and searches their contents for the given pattern.


case-insensitive search.
-t timeout
How many seconds to allow for a fetch, before killing it. Default is 120.
-p threads
The maximum number of threads to run in parallel. Default is 5.

Sample output as run from a command line:

% WebGrep -i noyo http://www.acme.com/jef/flow/
http://www.acme.com/jef/flow/: <LI> <A HREF="noyo.html">The Noyo.</A>
http://www.acme.com/jef/flow/cdec.html: data for the separate forks of the American, or for the Noyo, and for the
http://www.acme.com/jef/flow/noyo.html: <HEAD><TITLE>The Noyo River</TITLE></HEAD>
http://www.acme.com/jef/flow/noyo.html: <H2>The Noyo River</H2>
http://www.acme.com/jef/flow/noyo.html: The Noyo is a little rain-fed coastal creek up near Fort Bragg.
http://www.acme.com/jef/flow/noyo.html: <A HREF="http://pubweb.ucdavis.edu/Documents/OA/waterinfo.html#Noyo">UC Davis</A>,

Sample output as run right now in your own browser, via Acme.ApplicationApplet:

See also: JavaWrapper, Acme.Application, Acme.Spider.

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