WebList - make a list of the files in a web subtree

Fetch the software.

This is basically "ls" for the web. You give it one or more URLs as arguments. It enumerates the files reachable at or below those URLs, and displays the nicely formatted results.

Sample output as run from a command line:

% WebList http://www.acme.com/jef/flow/
text/html           993 Mar  8  9:52 .
image/jpeg         3107 Mar  1 18:14 troublemaker_small.jpg
text/html         39759 Mar 27  0:01 cdec.html
text/html          4046 Mar  5 19:34 noyo.html

Sample output as run right now in your own browser, via Acme.ApplicationApplet:

See also: JavaWrapper, Acme.Application, Acme.Spider, Acme.Utils, Acme.Fmt.

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