The Under Construction Page

According to AltaVista, as of August 1996 there were "about 400,000" pages containing the phrase "under construction". As of December 1996, "about 1,000,000" pages. Since then they changed how they count, but the numbers are still going up. As of February 1998, it's "about 1,299,185" pages. June 1999, "about 8,165,210". January 2001, "about 12,236,716".

My own photos of construction sites:

Photos from elsewhere on the web:

A collection of "under construction" icons. These may be used freely on your own site, provided you make your own copy of the image file instead of making a link to my copy. Links from external HTML pages to my image files are disabled. If you try it, people viewing your page will just get a broken-image icon and you'll look like an idiot. If you don't know the difference between copying a URL and copying a file, ask someone other than me. If you're a WebTV person you apparently have to do something called 'transloading', and that's the full extent of my knowledge on the subject.

And here are some of my photos of DEstruction sites:

Another Under Construction Page.
People Against Under Construction Images.
What under-construction images mean.'s under-construction rant.
A commercial Under Construction Page!
More Under Construction icons.
Yahoo's under construction icon pointers.
iconbazaar's yellow and orange road sign collections.
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