CA DWR CDEC Interface

The California Department of Water Resources keeps much of their river flow data on the web, at the California Data Exchange Center. Their interface is a little clumsy, though, so I made my own - single-button queries for just the rivers I'm interested in. This is still missing some rivers I'd like to have - for example, CDEC only has gage heights instead of CFS for the Carson, West Walker, and Noyo. But it'll do for now!

[American] [Cache Cr.] [Cosumnes] [Eel] [Feather] [Gridley] [Kaweah] [Kern] [Kings] [Klamath] [McCloud] [Merced] [Mokelumne] [OrovilleIn] [OrovilleOut] [Pit] [Redwood Cr.] [Russian] [Sacramento] [Smith] [Stanislaus] [Trinity] [Truckee] [Tuolumne] [Yuba]

South Fork American, Chili Bar:
North Fork American, North Fork Dam:
Middle Fork American, near Oxbow:
American Rivers, Folsom inflow:
Tuolumne, below Early Intake:
Cherry Creek near Early Intake:
Tuolumne, New Don Pedro inflow:
Merced, Exchequer inflow:
Kings, Pine Flat inflow:
Kern, Isabella inflow:
Kern, Isabella outflow:
Kaweah River, Terminus inflow:
Cosumnes, Michigan Bar:
Mokelumne, Pardee inflow:
Yuba, Englebright inflow:
Yuba, Englebright outflow:
Stanislaus, Goodwin outflow:
Stanislaus, Orange Blossom Bridge:
Truckee, Tahoe City:
Truckee, Boca outflow:
Middle Fork Feather, Merrimac:
Feather, Lake Oroville Inflow:
Feather, Lake Oroville Outflow:
Feather, Gridley:
Pit, near Montgomery Creek:
McCloud, above Shasta (Ah-Di-Nah):
Upper Sacramento, Delta:
South Fork Eel, Leggett:
Middle Fork Eel, Dos Rios:
Eel, Fort Seward:
Klamath, Orleans:
Smith, Jed Smith Park:
Trinity, Lewiston outflow:
Trinity, Hoopa:
Redwood Cr., Orick:
Cache Cr., Rumsey:
Russian, Hopland:
Russian, Cloverdale:
Russian, Healdsburg:
Russian, Hacienda Bridge:

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