Geocaching - Blackberry Canyon

N 37.87800° W 122.25490° / N 37° 52.680' W 122° 15.294'

Difficulty:   Terrain:

This is an extremely difficult cache, even though it's in the middle of Berkeley only a hundred yards from a street. Unless you figure out an easier route than I did, you will have to bushwack your way through blackberry thickets, wade through a muddy creek, and climb three six-foot concrete debris dams. It's a local maximum of inaccessibility. About the only good thing to be said for this site is there's no poison oak, as far as I can tell (although I did get a psychosomatic rash just from worrying about whether I got it for real). Still, don't treat this one lightly. There is potential for serious injury! And don't even attempt it during the rainy season.

That said, on my first scouting visit I did it solo wearing shorts and Tevas. I got pretty scratched up, and almost couldn't make it up one of the dams, but I did get there. And the numerous perfectly ripe blackberries made it worthwhile.

The cache is an ammo box. Initial contents: page for this cache.
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