Geocaching - Can't Get There From Here

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17mar2006: This cache has been archived. It went missing, so I'm archiving the cache.

There are two hard parts to this cache: one, the hike in; two, figuring out where to start the hike in. There's a good trail directly to the site. You do not need to go cross country, cut through anyone's yard, climb any cliffs, or trespass on EBMUD property. As far as I can tell, there are only two trailheads to get into the area. One is higher up and 0.6 miles away, the other is lower down and 0.25 miles away. So, if you are closer than 0.25 miles (you can drive within 300 feet), you Can't Get There From Here!

The cache is a 7.62mm ammo box hidden under a bush. It should be pretty easy to find once you get to the area. Look at the photo to see what kind of bush - there aren't too many like it there. Initial contents:

The trails have some fairly steep spots, and are probably best avoided in wet weather. Dogs are allowed. If you stay on the trails you will not run into any poison oak. A sign at one trailhead says the area is closed at night.

You can decrypt the hint with this chart.
Gur ybjre genvyurnq vf ng gur Abegu Bnxynaq Fcbegf Pragre, arne gur Pnyqrpbgg Ghaary.
Decryption Key:

(letter above equals below, 
and vice versa) page for this cache.
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