Geocaching - Ye Olde Fishing Holes

N 37.88520° W 122.31553° / N 37° 53.112' W 122° 18.932'

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06jul2009: This cache has been archived.

The cache is a modified film canister, black with a black cap. There's a red vinyl "G" on the cap, you may be able to spot that if you look in the right place, but most likely you won't.

IMPORTANT: You must bring along a steel washer and a couple feet of string. The washer must be steel, not aluminum or brass, and should be about an inch in diameter. You will not be able to retrieve the cache without these items. Other tools which may or may not be useful: a stick, a magnet, some tape, a flashlight.

A photo of the cache in situ might give away the hiding place, so I've only provided a photo of one of the cache's guardians. Initial contents:

Be careful not to over-fill the cache. When you leave it, the top should be all the way on, and the cache should not be too heavy.

There may be a fee for parking near the cache. There's free parking 1/4 mile north, if you don't mind walking that far. And bike access is always free.

Special note for the park rangers: This cache is not in the park. Stop stealing it.

You can decrypt the hint with this chart.
Ryrira ubyrf: sbhe shyy, fvk rzcgl, naq bar jvgu gur pnpur va vg.
Decryption Key:

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