Geocaching - A Hole in the Air

N 37.82268° W 122.29369° / N 37° 49.361' W 122° 17.621'

Difficulty:   Terrain:

13sep2003: This cache has been archived. It was up on the old trestle, in a hole. The nearby security guards have gotten antsy lately, so it's best not to go up there.

The nearby train tracks are very active - do not walk on the main line! It's dangerous and illegal, and if the police see you there you will be questioned and told to leave. Part of the puzzle is figuring out how to get to the cache spot without getting too close to the active tracks.

The cache is a 1.9 quart Rubbermaid "Servin' Saver Bowl". It is lightly camouflaged with materials appropriate to the area, to protect it from prying eyes. Initial contents: page for this cache.
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