Geocaching - Mission Clay Tile Works

N 37.59146° W 121.95252° / N 37° 35.488' W 121° 57.151'

Difficulty:   Terrain:

18jan2003: Retrieved the box. This cache is now defunct.

A nice abandoned industrial site from around 1900. Getting there involves about a mile of walking or biking on a level dirt road. No bushwacking until the last ten feet. However, be warned: this is private property with lots of No Trespassing signs all over. There are also some homeless encampments on the way in. If any of this freaks you out, don't go! And if you do go, don't be surprised if you get told to leave, or worse.

The cache is a 7.62mm ammo box. Initial contents:

Note: this cache has been involuntarily "archived" on the site, presumably due to my warnings about the No Trespassing signs. The cache does in fact exist, though. My impression is that the signs are of the 'avoiding liability' type, rather than the 'really stay out' type. But like I said, if it freaks you out, don't visit. page for this cache.
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