Geocaching - Old One

N 37.69293° W 122.49725° / N 37° 41.576' W 122° 29.835'

Difficulty:   Terrain:

28aug2008: This cache has been archived.

A beautiful and wild area with an interesting history.

Officially this area is "Thornton State Beach", but it has not been under active management since 1983 when a large landslide wiped out the access road. Dogs are allowed on leash as in any other California state park, but no one is going to stop you if you let Fido roam here. There is no poison oak.

There's a pretty good trail directly to the cache, with one short steep scramble. It is impossible to get there any other way, so if you're not on a trail, turn around. Checking a topo map might help. Do not attempt to climb or descend the cliffs. People die that way. Do not visit during wet weather - the trails will be slippery and no fun, and who knows, there could easily be more landslides. And be extra careful when it's foggy, which is often.

Please try not to trample the vegetation too much. Even though ice plant is a reviled non-native invader species, I like it, and it's fragile. The cache is not in the ice plant, so don't go stomping around there.

The cache is a 7.62mm ammo box, painted camouflage. Initial contents:

If the camera is full, do not take it with you. Just note it when you make your log entry. I will retrieve and replace the camera, and develop, scan, and post the pictures on the web.

You can decrypt the hint with this chart.
Cnex ng cbvag rvtug avar guerr, cbvag frira gjb mreb. Fvqr genvy ng cbvag fvk frira avar, cbvag rvtug bar rvtug.
Decryption Key:

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