Geocaching - Hidden Presence

N 37.86234° W 122.30063° / N 37° 51.740' W 122° 18.038'

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02jan2003: This cache has been archived and removed. It was magnetically attached to the inside of a chimney on an abandoned building in Aquatic Park. Unfortunately, the chimney has started to collapse! Dozens of bricks have come loose in the month since I placed the cache, falling right where you would be standing if you were looking for it. So, to avoid the possibility of a cache hunter getting a brick to the head, I have removed the cache.

A fairly easy cache in Berkeley's Aquatic Park.

While the area is hidden from the road, it's on a fairly popular jogging path, so be discreet when retrieving and re-hiding. Also, watch your step - dog walkers often use this area and don't always clean up. The cache is a metal cookie tin, 9"x4"x2". Initial contents:

You can decrypt the hint with this chart.
Ub, ub, ub!
Decryption Key:

(letter above equals below, 
and vice versa) page for this cache.
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