Geocaching - Old Sniff

N 37° 53.526' W 122° 19.464'

Difficulty:   Terrain:

This cache has been replaced by Sniff / Safe Deposit. It was not hidden very well, and went missing within three days of placement.

This is a two-stage cache. Go to the above coordinates and look for the logo. There you will find the missing coordinates of the real cache. All you'll see are two three-digit numbers. The degrees and minutes parts are the same as for the first stage; just change the fraction parts of the coordinates to the numbers you find, and then look for the new location.

N 37° 53.nnn' W 122° 19.nnn'

The cache is about 0.2 miles from the previous site. It's a Rubbermaid 1 gallon "Servin' Saver Rectangle" in a little stone shelter.

No bushwacking is necessary for either location - stick to the paths and you'll get there. In fact you can mountain bike to within fifty feet of both locations. Or walk from the free parking area, it'll be about a mile round trip. There is no poison oak in this area. Off-leash dogs are allowed.

Initial contents of the cache:

Suggestion: as you'll find out when you get there, this park has become a sort of informal outdoor folk-art gallery. As an optional alternative to the usual take-a-toy / leave-a-toy thing, you could bring something you made and install it somewhere nearby. Or bring some paints and decorate a rock. Or build a cairn of rocks holding up a stick. Or think of something on your own! page for this cache.
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