Geocaching - Sniff / Safe Deposit

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The original Sniff was a two-stage cache. Unfortunately its box was pretty obvious to non-players, and it disappeared after only three days. I added a third stage in a safer location, but after a few months it got plundered too! Currently there is a fresh cache box in the new location, but don't be surprised if this one also disappears at some point. So:

N 37° 53.526' W 122° 19.464'

This is a three-stage cache. Go to the above coordinates and look for the old-style logo. There you will find the missing coordinates of the second stage. All you'll see are two three-digit numbers. The degrees and minutes parts are the same as for the first stage; just change the fraction parts of the coordinates to the numbers you find, and then look for the new location.

N 37° 53.nnn' W 122° 19.nnn'

The second site is about 0.2 miles from the first site. Same drill as before, find the old-style logo, and replace the fractional minutes part of your coordinates with the two numbers there.

N 37° 53.nnn' W 122° 19.nnn'

The cache is about 0.25 miles from the second site as the crow flies, but if the tide is high you'll probably want to backtrack. It's a 7.62mm ammo box, near but not in the obvious landmark.

If you're driving, there is free parking about a half mile east. If you're mountain biking you can get closer, but at some point you'll want to lock the bike and proceed on foot. No bushwacking is necessary - there are good paths which will take you to within 50 feet of all three sites. The last bits are on rough ground, so wear sturdy shoes. Check a tide table before you visit - if the tide is very high (> +5 feet), your feet will get wet. There is no poison oak in this area. Off-leash dogs are allowed.

Initial contents of the cache:

Suggestion: as you'll find out when you get there, this park has become a sort of informal outdoor folk-art gallery. As an optional alternative to the usual take-a-toy / leave-a-toy thing, you could bring something you made and install it somewhere nearby. Or bring some paints and decorate a rock. Or build a cairn of rocks holding up a stick. Or think of something on your own!

You can decrypt the hint with this chart.
Ab uvag, V'z whfg lnaxvat lbhe punva. Be nz V?
Decryption Key:

(letter above equals below, 
and vice versa) page for this cache.
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