Geocaching - Under An Ounce

N 37.86611° W 122.31795° / N 37° 51.967' W 122° 19.077'

Difficulty:   Terrain:

23jul2003: This cache has been archived. It was magnetically attached under the rim of a large "lid" next to the Berkeley Yacht Club. It went missing, so I'm archiving the cache.

The cache is a modified film canister, black with a gray cap. A photo of the cache in situ might give away the hiding place, so I've only provided a photo of a nearby view. This is a public heavily-trafficed area, so be discreet when retrieving and re-hiding. Initial contents:

You can decrypt the hint with this chart.
Jung'f uvccvr fynat sbe na bhapr?
Decryption Key:

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