Vote on Jef's Hair

Polls are closed! You voted on Jef's new hair, and your voice was heard:

"Yeah, I remember my first beard."
First Beard LOSER
Asymmetric Liberation Front
Asymmetric Liberation Front LOSER
"In The Navy"
In The Navy WINNER!!
Unasmirker LOSER
Da Free Jef
Da Free Jef LOSER
Rasputin LOSER
current style, approximately
Current LOSER
Mudperson LOSER

The final standings:

  100 TOTAL
   27 In The Navy (27%)
   23 Da Free Jef (23%)
   14 Asymmetric Liberation Front (14%)
   11 Rasputin (11%)
   10 Mudperson (10%)
    8 First Beard (8%)
    4 Current (4%)
    3 Unasmirker (3%)

The majority of the hair was saved in a pony tail and will go to Locks of Love.

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