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- Jon Carroll
Monday, December 27, 2004

Hope you remembered to save Friday's column, because without it, this list of answers is going to be pretty bewildering. Here we go:

1. The tunnels are: The Caldecott tubes under the Berkeley-Oakland hills, the Alameda tubes linking Oakland and Alameda, the Fort Baker tunnel in the Marin headlands, the "rainbow" tunnel heading into Marin County from San Francisco; the Broadway tunnel in San Francisco, the Highway 1-Presidio tunnel leading to the Golden Gate Bridge, the Stockton tunnel in San Francisco, the Point Richmond tunnel, the Bay Bridge-Yerba Buena tunnel, the Marin Circle tunnel in Berkeley, the Geary tunnel west of Japantown, the tunnel under the Oakland Museum, the tunnel from Highway 92 westbound to 280 southbound. The longest of these is the Caldecott tunnel, at 1,050 meters.

2. The U.S. Open tennis tournament is held in Louis Armstrong Stadium and Arthur Ashe Stadium.

3. A cow's four stomachs are -- fore to aft -- the rumen, the reticulum, the omasum and the abomasum.

4. Evacuation Day, Nov. 25, 1783, was the day the British finally left New York, a full two years after they surrendered at Yorktown.

5. Nope, not Richard II (1377-99), nor King John (1199-1216), nor even Cymbeline, who ruled around the first century A.D. It is, in fact, King Lear, a pre-Christian monarch flourishing, if legend is to be believed, around 900 B.


6. Oh, this is a very old trick question. The answer is 46, because Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia are all commonwealths.

7. The word is "typewriter." A "typewriter" is a device used by the ancient peoples of the known world to reproduce letters.

8. Easter is the Sunday after the Paschal full moon. The Paschal full moon may occur any time from March 21 through April 18, inclusive. Thus the date of Easter is any time from March 22 through April 25, inclusive. The date of the Paschal full moon is determined from tables, and it may differ from the date of the actual full moon by as much as two days.

9. A "puffer" is an extremely strenuous dance.

10. Two choices here, either "deadlines" (deadliness) or "timelines" (timeliness).

11. Elvis Presley made his 1956 television debut on "Stage Show," hosted by Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey.

12. I am in Argentina.

13. Benjamin Franklin started the first post office in Philadelphia in 1775, before the Revolution, when we weren't a country yet. Thus, no flag requirement.

14. The first million-selling song was "After the Ball." What it sold a million copies of was sheet music.

15. A journal box, a sandbox, a side footboard and a coupler head are all parts of a locomotive. A keel, a king post, a batten and a hang point are all parts of a hang glider. A skip, a cross cut, a winding shaft and a winze are all parts of a coal mine.

16. And the Oscars went to: Mickey Rooney and Deanna Durbin.

17. The word "dada" comes from a French word for hobbyhorse, and is a childish variation of what we Americans would call "giddyap." The word was supposed to represent nonsense syllables, in keeping with the spirit of the time, but even nonsense syllables have a history.

That's it. Remember, no prizes are awarded; for amusement only; proprietor is not responsible for any gambling debts arising from this recreational competition. Please direct all complaints to your local cable company.

The answers to the 23rd Annual Xmas Quiz. Please feel free to argue, curse, gasp and, of course, write me angry letters of disputation.

There are still some questions left over, so stop by next year for more quizzy fun from jcarroll@sfchronicle.com.

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