As of NS13 this table is obsolete. Do not use.

Hellion's Guide to Identifying your Bang Potions
If a Smoky potion is… …and a… …potion is… …then the bang potions are as follows:
Confused Drunk HP/MP Moxie Muscle Myst Object Sleepy Teleport
Confused Murky HP/MP Smoky Cloudy Murky Bubbly Fizzy Swirly Dark Effervescent Milky
Mysticality Smoky Effervescent Milky Bubbly Swirly Murky Cloudy Fizzy Dark
Moxie Smoky Milky Fizzy Murky Swirly Effervescent Dark Bubbly Cloudy
Object Smoky Swirly Bubbly Effervescent Fizzy Milky Murky Dark Cloudy
HP/MP Milky Object Cloudy Bubbly Smoky Dark Fizzy Effervescent Milky Murky Swirly
Muscle Murky Bubbly Smoky Cloudy Milky Swirly Effervescent Dark Fizzy
Teleport Effervescent Cloudy Smoky Bubbly Swirly Fizzy Murky Dark Milky
Moxie Milky Mysticality Murky Bubbly Effervescent Smoky Dark Milky Swirly Fizzy Cloudy
Muscle Murky Cloudy Effervescent Smoky Milky Bubbly Swirly Dark Fizzy
Teleport Bubbly Fizzy Cloudy Smoky Effervescent Swirly Murky Dark Milky
Muscle Bubbly Object Milky Fizzy Murky Swirly Smoky Cloudy Bubbly Dark Effervescent
Moxie Fizzy Murky Cloudy Bubbly Smoky Swirly Effervescent Dark Milky
Mysticality Cloudy HP/MP Bubbly Dark Cloudy Milky Fizzy Smoky Effervescent Swirly Murky
Moxie Bubbly Milky Dark Cloudy Swirly Smoky Murky Effervescent Fizzy
Muscle Effervescent Murky Milky Fizzy Cloudy Smoky Bubbly Dark Swirly
Object Murky Confused Murky Bubbly Dark Cloudy Fizzy Swirly Smoky Milky Effervescent
Muscle Bubbly Dark Cloudy Swirly Murky Milky Smoky Effervescent Fizzy
HP/MP Effervescent Dark Murky Cloudy Fizzy Swirly Smoky Milky Bubbly
Moxie Cloudy Effervescent Bubbly Murky Swirly Dark Smoky Milky Fizzy
Sleepy Milky HP/MP Swirly Bubbly Milky Dark Fizzy Cloudy Murky Smoky Effervescent
Muscle Murky Effervescent Fizzy Dark Milky Swirly Bubbly Smoky Cloudy
Moxie Swirly Fizzy Cloudy Milky Dark Bubbly Effervescent Smoky Murky
Mysticality Effervescent Fizzy Cloudy Bubbly Murky Milky Dark Smoky Swirly
Teleport Fizzy Mysticality Effervescent Milky Cloudy Murky Swirly Fizzy Dark Bubbly Smoky
Muscle Dark Swirly Murky Bubbly Fizzy Milky Effervescent Cloudy Smoky

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Table created by ElroyJetson (#898365) and cookiefied by Jef (#889940) from data collected by Numfar (#695192) and crunched by Hellion (#250730)