Ring Enchantments Simplifier

The Two Crazy Random Summer reward ring can have up to 37 enchantments (In a row?!), out of a list of 170. The game will show you what the enchantments do, but with one minor annoyance: multiple enchantments that affect the same thing are shown separately. All this page does is sum those together.

For example, if you have a "Jim Carey's manspreader's ring", KoL will describe it as "+3 to Monster Level / +1 to Monster Level", while this page will add those together and just show "+4 to Monster Level". Simpler!

Copy & paste your ring's name here:

Ok I lied, this page does another thing. Since it has all the 2CRS enchantment data built-in, it can generate a table of that data. In four different formats. Useful!

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