Date: Mon, 12 Dec 94 18:02:09 PST From: Jef Poskanzer <jef> Newsgroups: BEHIND THE MIRROR Jef Poskanzer (C) Copyright 1994 "Captain's log, Stardate 3804.2, Spock recording. Captain Kirk has been executed due to his refusal to destroy the Halkans as ordered. My automatic field promotion to Captain was confirmed by Admiral Khan over subspace link. However, before I could carry out the bombardment order, the Halkans relented and decided to trade dilithium with the Terran Empire after all. They gave no reason for their reversal. Ironically, Captain Kirk may have been right to delay after all." I clicked off the recorder. So much for the official story - I couldn't very well explain the real reason the Halkans changed their minds, since that would require mentioning the Tantalus device. After the mirror-Kirk told me about it and then switched back to his own continuum, I placed our Kirk under arrest and went to his quarters to examine the device. There it was, just as the mirror-Kirk said. I could focus on any point within approximately the same range as the transporter, and cause a body to disappear. Fascinating. But while Kirk no doubt used the disappearing feature to excess, it was clear to me that the device could have far more subtle and powerful effects if used simply to spy. I proved this with the Halkans - as with quite a few privitive cultures, the Halkans have repressive sexual taboos. Kirk's brutal threats merely caused their resolve to stiffen, but all I had to do was record a little blackmail material on the Halkan council members and they caved in immediately. And Lt. Moreau, concubine of the late Captain, apparently knew about the device too - the mirror-Kirk glanced at her before telling me about it. I decided to speak with her about it. Then I wondered what she was doing now... I enabled the Tantalus device and tuned it into Lt. Moreau's quarters. She was dressed in a translucent silk nightgown, brushing her hair, humming quietly, apparently getting ready for bed. She has an interesting face - Polynesian ancestry, I believe. She could almost pass for Vulcan, except for the ears. She stopped brushing her hair and examined herself in her mirror, pouting a little. She pushed the nightgown off one shoulder, puffed out her chest, and turned to a half-profile. Apparently assessing her attractiveness - perhaps she was wondering if she'd be able to hook up with a new Captain now that Kirk was dead. Suddenly her door slid open - it was Lt. Sulu. He entered uninvited. She was shocked. "Mr. Sulu", she said, "what do you want? How did you unlock my door?" "Unlocking doors is no problem for the chief of security," Sulu replied. "As for what I want... Well, now that Kirk is no longer around to protect you, I thought I might take over that job. And look, you're already dressed appropriately." He gazed lewdly up and down her lightly-clad body. She reacted angrily. "You, a lowly Lieutenant? Hah! I'd sooner do it with a Klingon blood-worm. Now get the FUCK out of my quarters before I..." "Before you what?", Sulu smirked. "Call security? Well, here I am. And as for just being a Lieutenant, well, I still have seniority over you. And I'm ordering you to get naked and get on that bed!" He approached her, reached for her. She tried to resist but she was no match for him. He tore the flimsy nightgown from her body and pushed her down onto the bed. She screamed as he fumbled one-handed with his uniform trousers. Then he thrust into her, and her screams redoubled. I decided that, as unfamiliar as I am with human mating practices, this was almost certainly assault on a subordinate officer. A capital offense. Can't have that. I focused the Tantalus device on Sulu and triggered it. He disappeared. Lt. Moreau happened to be drawing a breath at that moment, so I could actually hear the small plopping noise made by her vagina as it collapsed on the void left by Sulu's penis. Lt. Moreau was shocked. "What...? Where...?!" Then she realized what must have happened. "Captain Spock? Are you...? I... Thank you. Are you there?" I called her on the intercom. "Yes, Lieutanant, I am here. Are you injured?" "No, no, I'm fine. Sulu was... He... Well. I guess you saw what he was doing." "Yes." "Well, I'm glad you killed him. He was despicable. He... Um, are you still watching me on the Tantalus device?" Impressively intelligent, this one. "Yes, Lieutanant." "Oh." She got a bathrobe from her closet and put it on. Ah yes, the human nudity taboo. She sat back down at her mirror and started brushing her hair again. "Actually, Lieutenant, the Tantalus device is what I wanted to talk with you about. But you are probably upset now. Perhaps before your next shift?" She shook her head. "I'm fine, Captain. Look, why don't you come down to my quarters right now and we can talk about it." "Um, I don't think that would be appropriate." "Fuck appropriateness. Look Captain, there's something I wanted to talk to you about, too - my status. I like being the Captain's woman. You're the Captain now. I need to know - do you want me?" I found myself nonplussed at her forwardness. "Um, Lieutenant, perhaps you are unaware of Vulcan biology. We only mate once every seven years. I don't think you would enjoy the wait." "Yes, I've heard that," she said. "but I've also heard that under extraordinary stimulus" - she slid the bathrobe off her shoulders and leaned back - "a Vulcan will sometimes mate, er, out of season. And besides, you're half human." She cupped her breasts in her hands, lightly pinching the nipples. They crinkled and hardened. "Are you still watching me? It's weird not knowing whether you can see what I'm doing." The thermostat in my quarters seemed to have malfunctioned. "Er, yes, Lieutenant, I'm still watching. I have also heard that about Vulcans, but have never experienced it myself." She pushed one hand into the depths of her bathrobe and shivered. "Ooo, this is exciting. Kirk and I used to do this back when we first met. But he'd never have been able to just watch - he'd have been in my quarters by now, fucking me silly." She sighed, brought the hand up out of her bathrobe and licked it. "Mmm, yum. So what do you think, Captain? Are you going to make me wait seven years?" Extraordinary. Her activities were causing profound physiological changes in my body. I decided to meditate on this. "Lieutenant, I think there is definite potential for this relationship. I will renew your position as official concubine, provisionally. We will discuss the duties this entails tomorrow morning before your shift. Good night." She pushed both hands down between her legs and squeezed them with her thighs. "Wait! You can't leave me like this!" "Spock out." - - - - - - - - - "Captain's log, supplemental. Spock recording. Lt. Marlena Moreau is re-designated Captain's Concubine. Lt. Sulu has been executed for assault on a subordinate officer. Ensign Checkov will be promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade upon resumption of active duty. That is all." It looks like being a Captain will be fascinating.

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