Subject: Habeas Corpus (XX)

Date: Thu 11 Dec 86 01:10 From: Habeas Corpus runs to the student, grabs him by the collar and shakes him. "You mean to say you did not understand my Theorem? This cannot converge Goddamimt!" The kid whimpers, he is scared shitless. Thick beads of sweat glisten on his face. Habeas Corpus pulls his knife out, a blade sharp as a razor. He shows it to the student, moves it slowly in front of his eyes. He points it at his heart. He stabs the student once, twice, first in the chest then in the crotch. He rips his pants off, cuts his dick off, stuffs it in his mouth. The huge tool hangs like the obscene tongue of a hanged man, dripping blood and sperm, the Ratio flowing from his mouth. The Theorem shines in the blackboard, an eternal monument to the human intellect. The students raise, take the corpse in their arms, march around the room and kneel in front of the Theorem. Habeas Corpus masturbates furiously, innocuously, smoothly. Then a bacchic dance ensues. The bong is brought in, and naked women that fellate the hallucinogenic instrument. Then they are killed and their intoxicated flesh is eaten by the bacchants. Habeas Corpus lectures on. There are transcendental forms of mathematics that require supreme forms of devotion. The weak should stay away. Can you chop your balls in thin slices if this would help you get the Decomposition Theorems? A female student jumps up. "I would stick red hot needles in my nipples, I would abort the fetus I have been carrying in me for the last twenty seven years. Just to get a glimpse of the hyperformulas. This is a great sacrifice, a sacrifice that no man could offer. I sacrifice the life." Habeas Corpus shines in his magnificance, stern and divine. He asks: "Would you offer lobotomy of your brain? Would you forsake your intelligence to just get a glimpse of the mysteries?" She hesitates for a moment- Habeas gestures to the wards, who pull levers, and the thunderbolt descends on her. She is devoured by flash of light. "Not the sword ", says Habeas Corpus, " not flame. Just pure white light." Majestic beasts walk in the classroom, and proudly display their fallacies. Also an old man of great age, dried and shrunk, preserved in a bottle five inches tall, utters extreme heresy. The monsters of the ages parade through the room, that has now turned into a great cave. The trisection of the right angle, the squaring of the circle, the periodic expansion of pi, the number omega, that contains answers to all questions that can be phrased within a finite alphabet. Habeas Corpus is beautiful.

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