Subject: Premature Program Termination

Date: Tue, 10 Jul 90 16:38:11 PDT From: uunet!stratus!wallaroo! (Marshall Spight) To:,,, rec.arts.erotica.interruptus: Carrie stroked the base of the bottle with her fingers, as if it where flesh. Then she slid one of her bare knees between Trishias legs and up against her hot, wet crotch. Trishia began to stroke against her, leaving a damp sticky spot. Carrie began to lick one of Trishias breasts, slowly. She felt the firmness in her mouth, and bit on one of the hard nipples. Trishia let out a groan and began to ride faster against Carries thigh. Carrie let one hand go down to her partners vagina and stroke her clit. Long, soft stokes on the warm skin. The soft pussy hair tickled her NFS getattr failed for server koala: RPC: Timed out NFS read failed for server koala: RPC: Timed out

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