Subject: Picard vs. Kirk

Date: Thu 13 Jan 94 17:49 From: Commander T'Lydown <jef> NCC-1701-D | NCC-1701-A | Picard: Options? | Kirk: Mr. Chekov, ready a full | spread of photon torpedos. Worf: Recommend we fire photon | Mr. Spock, access Star Fleet's torpedos. Sir. | databank and download the | Enterprise-D's prefix code. Riker: Is that really necessary? | On my mark, lower their shields | and fire photons. Data: The Enterprise-A's armament | is no match for our defensive | Chekov: Ready. capabilities. | | Spock: Ready, Captain. Picard: I concur. Mr. Worf, open | a chan | Kirk: Mark.

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