Subject: Purple Fantasy - An erotic tale.

Date: 30 Sep 1993 18:17:45 -0400 From: (jeff vogel) Newsgroups: rec.arts.erotica The Purple Fantasy An erotic story by Jeff Vogel It's amazing how much trouble I have driving when I'm horny. I mean, it's bad enough that I'm all flustered and distracted and in too much of a hurry to get where I'm going, but my thundering ten-incher is generally fully erect and really messes with the steering wheel. It's dangerous, and awful embarrasing as well, but sometimes you don't have a choice. You see, I'd just gotten a call from my girlfriend. Her name's Genevieve, and she's kind of messed in the head - always disappearing for a week this, or making fun of my most personal secrets in public that, or going down on random guys when she knows I might catch her the other thing. But she's fun, and I'm not good enough to get anyone else, and she's really wild in bed, so I stick with it. But back to the call. I hadn't heard from her for a week, and was about to get into bed with the K-Y and the JcPenney's catalog, when the phone rang. It was her, saying in that soft voice of hers to come over right away, for "A night of fun." I had my clothes on and way out the door within a minute. After what seemed like a week, I got to her apartment. The door opened almost the instant I knocked. For a moment, as the door was opening, I was afraid that this might all be one of her little jokes, like that she'd brought some other guy to join us and all I'd be allowed to do was rub her clit while he pumped her, or that she just wanted to talk, or something like that. But those worries faded the moment I saw what she was wearing. She was 5'10", blonde, just large enough to be adorable, and this night she was wrapped in one of her see-through nightgowns, with some very revealing lingerie on underneath. My cock lengthened another inch from the pure shock of it. "Well, aren't you coming in?" I snapped back to reality. "Oh, sure." I bent to kiss her as I walked in, but she was already hastening to the bedroom. As she entered, she called back over her shoulder "I'm sorry I haven't called. But I've had this special fantasy, and it's taken a lot of work to get it ready. Do you mind?" I started panting faster as I followed her, the words "special fantasy" ringing in my mind. I was about to say something seductive back, but then I saw what was lying on the bed. It was large, and purple, and stuffed with foam, lolling back in a sickly way on the comforter. Its emptiness made the vacant stare on its face seem horrifying, rather than just mildly nauseating. It was a Barney costume, and the crotch was missing. Genevieve burrowed in under my right arm. "I worked all week making it. It's just for you." I stood there, stunned. I wanted to cry, but stopped myself - she hated it when I cried. Instead, I adopted an air of smiling incredulity. "You mean you want me to try on that thing?" She went to the bed, and plopped on to her back. The robe fell away, and the crotchless panties I now saw she was wearing revealed a tanatlizing slice of where I wanted to be. "But dear!" The pout was firmly in place now. "I've wanted this so much. I saw him there on TV, so caring, so open, so soft, and I wanted it! I wanted that softness, to snuggle up to, to have inside me!" "I'll sorry, Gen, but this is just ridiculous." Her voice became razor edged. "Fuck me as Barney, or get the fuck out." So I started stripping. Once naked, I slipped on the body, tucking my now soft cock and balls out the hole. The suit was hot and heavy and quite itchy, but fit surprisingly well. As I reached for the head, she said "Wait a second. That's not right." "What isn't?" I replied, and she pointed between my legs. I saw the problem immediately - my dick hung, pale and flaccid, looking not at all right next to the purple of my legs. "It's the wrong color. I'll fix it." And with that, she was out the door of the bedroom. She was back a moment later, holding a small bottle of purple Rit. "Hold still. I'm dyeing it." At this point, I didn't have the will to argue. I just stood their, patiently, as she rubbed the dye into my member. I'd hoped the manipulation would stir it back to life, and it did, but not as much as I'd liked. Enough for her, though. She lept back onto the bed, and speread in anticipation of me, the panties already wet mith moisture. When she realized I couldn't see with the head on, she got up and pulled me over to her, guiding me deep inside her with one stroke. Foreplay or oral sex was, of course, right out. I thrust into her, as deep at the padding of the costume would allow, her moans and squeals loud enough to penetrate the foam over my ears. As I pumped faster and faster, I actually began to feel some pleasure, enough even to distract me from the sweat soaking into the foam. I thrust deeper, feeling her slipperier than she'd ever been for me. Her legs curled around me, forcing my tail into the mattress, and she moaned "Sing the song! The song!" "Uhh ... what song" "You KNOW the one! Sing it, goddammit!" "Oh! I love you, you love me," "UhhHhh! Oohooohohohh, oh yes." "We're a happy family ..." "Oh God, I'm coming ... I'm coming" "With a ... uhh ... big french kiss and a hug from me to you," "Oh yesss! YESSSSSSSSS! AAaaahaahhhhhhhhh..." "Won't you say you love me too?" Of course, being spent, she didn't. After a bit more thrusting, I managed to come myself, and fell off her. She immediately snuggled up against me, preventing me from taking off the suit. We lay in each other arms for a while, me sweating, her cuddling up to her giant stuffed animal. After a while she said "You know something?" "Yeah?" "I don't like you too much, but you're fun in bed." After she went to sleep, I took off the suit. The End. - Jeff Vogel Rutgers Lit.

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