SF-08L/09L Wildcat Peak

N 37.92408°, W 122.26224°, elevation 1036 feet

The launch site was shared by SF-08 and SF-09, making this a rather large four-battery double site. The barracks and officers' housing were bulldozed and removed in the mid-1970s. The battery areas were bulldozed and then covered with one or two feet of gravel, but the underground magazines are still there; a few sinkholes have started, and you can see concrete down below. The earth berm separating the batteries from the liquid fuelling area is still present. Access: from Inspiration Point in Berkeley's Tilden Park, bike or walk out Nimitz Way a few miles.

The dirt mound on the right is about the only visible remnant, it was to shield the liquid fuelling area. The rest of the site has been covered by about two feet of gravel and dirt.

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