SF-31L Lake Chabot

N 37.72136°, W 122.09880°, elevation 522 feet

South-east of Lake Chabot. The access road is on Lake Chabot Road, about 100 yards east of the marina turnoff. There's a big sign saying "East Bay Regional Park District, Public Safety Headquarters, Corporation Yard, 17930 Lake Chabot Rd". You can't miss it, but there's not much to see at the end of the road. There's a building called the "Nike Classroom" that clearly post-dates the Nike era. However the parking lot in front of the classroom is made of decomposed asphalt, and there's an unexplained concrete square in the middle which happens to be the exact size of a Nike magazine pit. Seems possible that this was one of the launchers, filled in and covered up. A little further up the road is an EBRPD corporation yard with some Nike buildings and two magazines, but there's no access inside the fence.

The concrete square in the parking lot of the "Nike Classroom".

This could be a rehabilitated Nike building.

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