SF-93L Smith Ranch Road

N 38.02402°, W 122.52106°, elevation 97 feet

At the end of Smith Ranch Road, in McInnis Park. There are three launch areas in superb condition. Someone is taking care of the site - there's no trash or graffiti, and fresh paint on all the metal parts. Underground, two of the three pits are being used as water storage tanks. Condition of the third is unknown. Access: park at the tennis courts in McInnis Park, and then walk up the little hill. The Nike road actually goes up the other side of the hill, through the Las Gallianas Sanitary District. If you are a stickler for historical re-creation you could go up that way.

Note: the doors are not welded shut like at most sites, there's a padlock. I wonder who has the key!

The elevator doors have been replaced by steel plates, welded shut.

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