California November 2016 Propositions

This is still in progress.

There are 17 statewide proposition on this ballot, so this guide should be very useful. There are also 24 measures on San Francisco's ballot. I don't normally cover local issues but since there are so many I'll dig into those too. Plus there's a regional measure for BART.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th. You can also vote before then at Early Voting locations. Check your sample ballot, or ask your county's Registrar of Voters to find out where. For instance, in Alameda County you can vote at the Registrar's office in downtown Oakland, among other places.

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xxx Prop. 51: School Bonds
Authorizes $9 billion in bonds for school construction.
xxx Prop. 52: Medi-Cal
Makes permanent the current temporary fee on hospitals to help fund Medi-Cal.
xxx Prop. 53: Voter Approval of Bonds
Requires statewide voter approval of any bonds over $2 billion.
xxx Prop. 54: Legislature, Legialation, and Proceedings
Requires 72-hour waiting period between publishing a bill and voting on it.
xxx Prop. 55: Extension of Education/Healthcare Tax
Extends 2012's Prop. 30 temporary 7-year tax increase by another 12 years.
xxx Prop. 56: Cigarette Tax
xxx Prop. 57: Criminal Sentences
A followup to 2014's Prop. 47. That one reduced some felonies to misdemeanors. This one authorizes earlier release for some non-violent felonies.
xxx Prop. 58: English-Language Education
xxx Prop. 59: Advisory on Repealing "Citizens United"
A referendum on whether California should support a US Constitutional Amendment repealing Citizens United.
xxx Prop. 60: Condom Use in Adult Films
Requires adult film actors to use condoms.
xxx Prop. 61: Prescription Drug Pricing
Pegs the price state agencies pay for prescription drugs to be at most what the VA pays.
xxx Prop. 62: Death Penalty
Repeals the death penalty in California.
xxx Prop. 63: Firearms and Ammunition
Requires a background check before buying ammunition.
xxx Prop. 64: Marijuana Legalization
Legalizes marijuana for adults 21 and over, same as cigarettes. Includes usage, posession, and growing your own.
xxx Prop. 65: Grocery Bags
The 10-cent charge for grocery bags would go to a new fund for environmental projects.
xxx Prop. 66: Death Penalty
Revises some death penalty procedures.
xxx Prop. 67: Plastic Grocery Bags
Voter approval for the existing ban on plastic grocery bags.

xxx Measure A: xxx

xxx Measure RR: xxx

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