California November 2019 Propositions

We've got a good crop of propositions this time, eleven state-wide and some interesting local ones.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th. You can also vote before then at Early Voting locations. Check your sample ballot, or ask your county's Registrar of Voters to find out where. For instance, in Alameda County you can vote at the Registrar's office in downtown Oakland, among other places.

State-wide: [1]
Regional: [FF]
San Francisco: [A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F]
Berkeley: [O]


yes Prop. 1: Housing Assistance Bond
$4 billion bond to continue funding of existing affordable housing programs. We need more than this but ok.


yes FF: Extend $12/year Parcel Tax for EBRPD
Extends the existing Park District funding for another 20 years. Absolutely yes.

San Francisco

yes Measure A: Embarcadero Seawall Bond
This $425 million bond is only the first installment on fixing the Embarcadero Seawall. If it doesn't pass you might as well abandon downtown SF.
no Measure B: City Privacy Guidelines
I like privacy, but I have no idea what this measure would really do. It's too complicated for a ballot measure.
yes Measure C: Business Tax for Homeless Services
This measure would approximately double the existing buxiness tax, and spend the money on services for homeless people. A lot of local heavy-hitter politicians have come out against it - Mayor Breed, former Supervisors Wiener and Chiu. Their argument is that homelessness is a regional problem, and if SF does better at it than other cities then homeless people will congregate here. To which I say, we can only hope so. Interestingly, among the measure's supporters is Marc Benioff, head of Salesforce, which is San Francisco's biggest employer and would pay more of this tax than anyone.
no Measure D: Cannabis Business Tax
Adds a large extra tax on cannabis-related businesses. Why? No reason.
yes Measure E: Allocation of Hotel Tax
Would allocate about 1/5th of the existing Hotel Tax to a few specific arts and cultural purposes.
yes Measure F: Allocation of Hotel Tax
Would allocate about 1/5th of the existing Hotel Tax to a few specific arts and cultural purposes.


yes O: Affordable Housing Bond
This is a $135 million bond for the city to build affordable housing. An easy yes.

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