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Here's another one.

I actually used these things back in the early days of computing. After they became obsolete I continued to use them as note cards and book marks. A few years ago I ran out, and looked around to see if I could find some more. It turns out that a couple companies still make them, for use by legacy systems. The smallest batch they were willing to sell me was 10,000 cards for around $200. I figured, what the hell. So now I have vastly more than a lifetime supply, and I am pleased to give them away.

Note: each card comes complete with CHAD! You have to punch it yourself though.

If you want some cards, all you have to do is send me a self-addressed stamped envelope. The cards weigh about 1/10 ounce each, and 40 cards is about the most that will comfortably fit into a standard letter-sized envelope, so your S.A.S.E. should have postage for 4 ounces. At current rates that is $1.06 for delivery anywhere in the USA. Please use USA stamps only. Address the envelope to yourself, stamp it, fold it and put it inside another envelope addressed to:

ACME Laboratories
1212 Kains
Berkeley CA, 94706

Then add a single 1st-class stamp on the outer envelope and send it! Optional: put an unused picture postcard in the envelope too, as a little prezzie for me.

As of late 2005 I am down to only a few hundred cards, so I have stopped giving them away. I may order another 10,000 later and start up again.

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