Recurring Characters

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Mac Cabre's son. An outlaw mercenary, and good friend of Gaunt.


Gaunt's pet lizard. Hangs out in Munden's Bar most of the time.


The best fighter the Arena ever saw. After he retired from that gig, he became a crimelord in the Pit. He put together an army out of the poor and the Arena gladiators and tried to take over the city in the Dancer's War.

Nasty Detmer

One of many babes with a grudge against Gaunt.

John Gaunt

Gaunt is the first incarnation of Grimjack.


BlacJacMac's woman. She is in fact a real goddess in her home dimension. Dislikes Gaunt, because he's always getting her man messed up.


The bartender at Munden's.


Jericho Noleski's girlfriend. Heyman, Noleski, and Heyman's husband were all in the Free Marines together, and the husband was killed in Dancer's War.

William Honesworth

Cynosure's finance minister.


A really nasty robot. Likes to wear human skin as a disguise. Often in league with the demons.


Trained by Dancer as a living weapon aimed at Gaunt. Thinks Gaunt killed his father. Gaunt kills him, but at the end of issue 31, he learnes that Katar was actually his own son.

Major Lash

One of Gaunt's few real enemies.


A tantric witch that Twilley consults occasionally.

Mac Cabre

Dancer's lieutenant.


Father of Rhian, and a minor god in Pdwyr.

Jericho Noleski

TDP biker cop. Former Free Marine.


Lord Protector of Cynosure.


The one great love of Gaunt's life. She lived in Pdwyr, which was destroyed in the Demon War.


Gaunt's old partner from his TDP days.


Gaunt's occasional girlfriend. She's pretty and doesn't demand much. Only real drawback to the relationship is that she's dead.

James Twilley

The second incarnation of Grimjack.
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