Jack McDevitt

Eternity Road, 1997; HarperPrism, ISBN 0-061-05427-5. Order it from Amazon.com.

Eternity Road takes place a long time after the fall of civilization, no one is quite sure how long. Lots of artifacts remain from our age. They call us the Roadmakers because the freeways are the most obvious and ubiquitous artifacts, but there are also lots of buildings, assorted toys and housewares, and a very few books. A copy of "Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court", previously thought lost along with all but a couple of Mark Twain's works, triggers a quest through the wilderness to find the possibly mythical Haven, where the book supposedly came from.

The ending doesn't quite fit with the rest of the book, but aside from that it's one of the most moving SF books I've ever read. Highly recommended.

The Engines of God, 1994; Ace Books, ISBN 0-441-00284-6. Order it from Amazon.com.

A deep-space archaeological mystery story. Strange hybrid, but in the end it works.
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