The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss

It seems that in addition to writing and illustrating children's books, Theodor Geisel liked to paint and sculpt with more mature themes.
Cat from the Wrong Side of the Tracks

Some of his stuff is downright psychedelic.
A Plethora of Cats
Cat Detective in the Wrong Part of Town

From the introduction by Maurice Sendak:

There was certainly nothing cookie-cutter, bland, or trendy about Ted Geisel. These works abound in nuttiness, "political incorrectness," and lots and lots of cats. [...] The book is filled with fabulous geometric conundrums. Their milky, thirties movieland dippiness best conjures for me the private Seussian dreamscape; a Cat in the Hat theme park world, where loops and hoops and squares and limp bagel shapes, all charged with exotic color, have the demented nightmare effects provoked by a dinner of green eggs and ham.

Published by Random House; 95 pages; ISBN 0-679-43448-8. Order it from
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