Satan Inside

I've made some t-shirts with this nifty logo, drawn by Craig Leres, and first thought up by Mark Lottor:

These are good if you hate Intel, *or* if you're a Satanist. It's like two shirts in one!

The price is $15, plus $5 each shipping/handling if you want them mailed. I only made 100 on this first run. Remaining sizes as of 11jun97 are 0 M, 0 L, 0 XL, 3 XXL.


I need the following info from you:

NAME: _______________________________________

EMAIL: ______________________________________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________



# OF SHIRTS: ___ M / ___ L / ___ XL / ___ XXL
Mail that and a check to:
Jef Poskanzer
1212 Kains
Berkeley CA 94706
Since the supply is getting pretty low (until I re-order), better send email to reserve your order before mailing a check.

Thank you for your interest!

Shirt reports!


So I was wearing the proof-copy of this shirt in Yosemite. These two earnest-looking young men came puffing up the trail after us and flagged us down. "We noticed your shirt," one of them said. I figured they wanted to buy one. "And we were wondering if it was true." Ah, perhaps they are headbangers looking to meet His Satanic Majesty. "And if it's true, would you like to get him out of you?" Ah. Not headbangers. Bible bangers. Ok.

"Well, yes, it's true, and I'd like to get him out of me, but I kinda need the rent money, so thanks anyway, see ya!"

Also met a group of Intel employees, who were properly amused.


Ernie reports: "I've been wearing mine around Berkeley today, and so far two women have complimented me, one woman flirted with me and one woman spit at me. No response from men that I could tell."

[Sounds like a typical day in Berkeley to me. -JP]


Bob reports: "The current issue of _Might_ magazine, the one with a grinning Satan on the cover, sports a picture of the red-on-black 'Satan Inside' design on page 42.

"The article is subtitled: 'Looking for the world's hippest and hottest pitchman, marketers go straight to Hell'; the caption reads, 'From a popular T-shirt, co-opted Intel logo'."

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