ACME Mail is a simple web-based mail system.

Forwarding Mail

Currently all you can do here is forward your mail somewhere else. ACME Mail provides you an email address on one of our domain names, but to read the mail you get, you must have a real email account somewhere else.

Sending Mail

At some point soon we will also provide a way for you to send mail from your ACME Mail address.

Reading Mail

We do not currently plan to provide mail reading and storage here.


ACME Mail usernames can be from 2 to 16 characters long. Valid characters are letters, numbers, and dash.

Lost Passwords

We don't store your password on the system, so we can't tell you what it is if you forget it. What we can do is change your password to something else, tell you what that is, after which you log in and change it again to something you like. At some point this will get automated, for now just send mail to the admin link at the bottom of the page.


How permanent is your ACME Mail address? Well, it's hard to predict the future. Let's just say we plan to stick around indefinitely, and the free mail system will stick around as long as the rest of the business.


How much does all this cost you? Nothing at all. The ACME Labs web sites, including all hardware, ISP charges, domain name charges, etc., are all supported by banner ads on a few of our most popular pages. There's even some extra money left over to spend on beer.

ACME Mail welcome page, login page.
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