Free * Subdomains

There are a lot of other ACME sites on the web, but I've got the biggie and it's not for sale. However, if you'd like a third-level name under, that can easily be arranged. For instance, if you're the ACME Steel Company, you could have I'd be happy to assign the name and all its subdomains to you. Currently I'm not even charging for this. If you're interested, just send me some email. Some people who have taken me up on this offer:

Not all names are available - in addition to the ones already grabbed, I use some internally. Plus I don't like to give out names that are too generic, because of the risk of confusion between your organization and mine.

This is not a web page. I'm not giving you any space to store your files. You must have your own web server already set up, and I just give you an alternate name for it. For the technically minded, what I'm offering is either a DNS A-record pointing at an IP address, a CNAME alias of one hostname to another hostname, or an NS-record that delegates an entire subdomain to another name server.

This is not an HTTP redirect. What this means is you must have your own web server, not just a web page on someone else's server. In other words, I can't make an alias from to, only to

Anyway, even if you're not interested in a third-level name, let me know what name you end up with and I'll add you to my Other ACMEs on the Web page.

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