Here's how to install an ACME News system:

  1. Pick a userid to run ACME News as. This should not be root, and should also not be the userid your web server runs as. All subsequent unpacking, compiling, and installing should be done as this userid.
  2. Unpack the tarfile in your web directory:
    cd [webpath]
    gunzip acmenews_[date].tar.gz
    tar xpf acmenews_[date].tar
  3. cd acmenews_[date]
  4. cd src
  5. Edit the Makefile, take a look at the CONFIGURE options. If your system's web directory is in a non-standard place, you will have to change the CGI_DIR define to match. You may also have to change the OS-dependent defines, for instance if you're on a Solaris machine.
  6. make
  7. If that worked ok, make install
  8. cd ..
  9. bin/fix_paths
  10. bin/news_update (This important step merges in the user and conference databases from your current ACME News installation, if any, and creates a symbolic link called acmenews that points to the new installation.)
  11. Add cron jobs as follows:
    1  *  *  *  *   [webpath]/acmenews/bin/news_hourly
    2 23  *  *  *   [webpath]/acmenews/bin/news_latenight
    2  0  *  *  *   [webpath]/acmenews/bin/news_midnight
    3  0  *  *  0   [webpath]/acmenews/bin/news_weekly
    4  0  1  *  *   [webpath]/acmenews/bin/news_monthly
    (I.e. put that stuff in a file, change the [webpath] to match your setup, and feed it to crontab.)
  12. Make sure your web server is configured correctly: This is actually a fairly common set of config options, so if someone else has installed your server it may already be set up this way. Otherwise, don't forget to kill and restart httpd after making these changes.
  13. Take your browser to the acmenews directory and log in. If this is a first-time installation, use userid admin, password admin.
  14. Go to the Admin page and start customizing. Don't forget to change admin's password.

ACME News help page, welcome page, login page.
ACME News Admin <>