Help on Host Page

The [Host] page lets conference hosts perform various administrative tasks:

Change Conference Appearance

The options here are:

If any of the colors or the URL are left blank, they default to the system-wide settings.

The one-line description of the conference cannot be changed here, you have to ask a system administrator to change that.

Change Ulists

Hosts of private, read-only, and fishbowl conferences can set the conference's readlist and/or postlist here. The readlist applies to private and fishbowl conferences, and controls who is allowed to visit the conference and read posts. The postlist applies to readonly and fishbowl conferences, and controls who is allowed to post there. The hosts themselves are always implicitly on bost ulists, so you don't have to add yourself. Also, as a convenience, everyone on the postlist of a fishbowl conference is automatically considered to be on the readlist as well, you don't have to explicitly put them on both lists.

Change Ban Lists

In addition to the readlist and postlist, all conferences (even public ones) can have separate lists of users explicitly banned from reading and/or posting. The ban lists take priority over the ulists. For example, if someone is on both the postlist and the no-postlist, they may not post.

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