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coleman - web server and C servlet engine

Fetch version 0.x of ?????2015.

Current status:

Coleman is a couple different things. It's a simple, fast, and small web server. It's also a servlet engine in C instead of Java.

The servlet architecture is a great idea, a nice simple plug-in interface for web servers, but it has some problems. First, it's tied to Java. If you don't like that language then you are stuck. Second, the performance of servlet-based web servers is inherently mediocre because they handle concurrency with threads.

Coleman fixes both of these problems; the first, by using plain old C as the API language; the second, with a new hybrid concurrency model.

See the manual pages for more details:

If you are currently using thttpd and/or mini_httpd and want to know how coleman compares, here's a little table:

thttpd mini_httpd coleman
concurrency NBIO fork threads/NBIO
https no yes yes
keep-alives no no yes
sendfile no yes yes
plugins no no C servlets
multiple ports no no yes
config file ad hoc ad hoc JSON
IPv6 yes yes yes
chroot yes yes yes
virtual hosts yes yes yes
non-local referrer blocking yes yes yes
CGI yes yes yes
basic authentication yes yes yes
first released 1995 1999 2015
gzipped tarchive size 130KB 40KB 90KB

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See also: thttpd, mini_httpd, micro_httpd, js_httpd, Acme.Serve.
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