weblog_parse - extract specified fields from a web log file

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Reads a web server log file, in either "Common Logfile Format" or "Combined Logfile Format". Parses it, and writes out only the user-specified fields, separated by tabs for easier handling. Examples:

Show filenames and byte counts:
  weblog_parse file bytes
Show just dates, for making a histogram via timegraph:
  weblog_parse date

This is intended as a utility for writing web-log statistics generators. It's written in C and is very fast.

In addition to just extracting specified fields, the program can also do some simple database-like conditional matching. If any field names on the command line are followed by an equals sign and a string, then only lines where that field matches the string are shown. The string can contain wildcards. And if you use a '^' instead of an '=' then only lines which do not match the string are shown. Examples:

Show files fetched by a particular host:
  weblog_parse file host=anvil.acme.com
Show files and referers fetched during the noon hour:
  weblog_parse file referer 'date=.*:12:..:..'
Show all unsuccessful fetches and where they came from:
  weblog_parse status^200 file host referer

Note that if the string you're matching on doesn't have any wildcard characters in it, the program uses plain old strcmp(), so it remains very fast.

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