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25jun2014 FreeBSD 10.0

I am finishing off my first FreeBSD 10.0 install, on my new desktop machine. I thought I'd post some notes here.

The hardware is an HP Pavilion 23 "all in one". Nice big screen, four core CPU, 500GB disk. $500.

The first problem I ran into was that it wouldn't boot from the install media. This was "Secure Boot" in action. I had to figure out how to get into the BIOS settings page (ESC while booting), disable Secure Boot, reboot, enable Legacy Boot, then boot into the install.

The second problem was that after the install process completed, the BIOS claimed it couldn't find anything to boot. I asked around and guessed the problem was the HP BIOS couldn't deal with GPT, so I redid the install with old-style BSD Labels partitioning. That was more complicated than it should have been because the 10.0 installer switched from sysinstall to bsdinstall and the partitioning page is just different enough to confuse old-timers like me. I ended up doing something ridiculous: starting a 9.2 install, partitioning using good old sysinstall, quitting, starting the 10.0 install, and skipping the partitioning step. Anyway, it worked.

After that things went pretty smoothly. I installed rsync from ports, Xorg and Firefox from packages, and everything is running pretty smoothly. My remaining issues list:

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