WeLL System Status

Mon Aug 1 09:59:46 PDT 2011

Mail upgrade is in progress.

All remaining mailboxes at The WELL are being transferred to the Zimbra email system at iris.well.com over the next several hours today. Please see the mail help page for instructions on setting up once your mailbox is converted, or use your web browser to go to iris.well.com. (Note that you cannot log in there until the upgrade script converts your mail settings.) Thank you for your patience.


Wed Jun 22 12:55:09 PDT 2011

All systems are up and running.


Monday, June 20, 2011 05:36:27 PM PDT

The Zimbra email system on iris.well.com will be unavailable Tuesday evening (Jun 21) between the hours of 10pm and midnight so that we can perform a required software update. The legacy email system will remain up during this period. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Fri May 13 13:50:40 PDT 2011

Members using the Legacy email server are finding their connections time out when they are trying to access mail from mail.well.com. We are working on the situation.