WeLL System Status

Mon Jan 4 10:12:58 PST 2010

The partial email outage continues. This is a hardware outage on a new machine, It only impacts Zimbra users, on the new mail system only. Many WELL members have not upgraded to the modern server yet, and will see no effects at all, so if your mail is working, disregard this message.

This morning at 9:00 am Pacific Time we put into effect a forward/copy scheme that will temporarily keep copies of new email sent to all Zimbra-enabled accounts in BOTH email systems. This means if you are a new mail user you may pick up copies of mail received since 9:00 am by fetching them to the older Squirrelmail web page. (Log in at webmail.well.com)

These copies started being delivered about an hour ago, and will be provided until we get back in ship-shape with repaired or replacement hardware, most likely sometime later today.

We believe that Squirrelmail at webmail.well.com is your simplest short term solution. Log in there, and fetch copies of your mail to that page for now.

You will be able to see copies of that email on the new system when we restore operations. (If, instead of using webmail.well.com, you decide to temporarily change back over to POP on the old servers, please note what settings were working on the new Zimbra system so you can restore them later, since we will not have any record of what's been working for you on your devices. For those familiar with Pine, we will restore fetching to your home directory via Pine temporarily too.) For discussion of the situation, log in and go to the welltech conference.