WeLL System Status

Tues Jan 5 6:24:58 PST 2010

We have not restored access to iris.well.com yet. Work continues. Our efforts at disk repair on Monday were to no avail, and another server was pulled from service, wiped and prepared for restoration of backups. This machine will become the new iris.well.com server soon. Unfortunately, some difficulties cropped up in the backup restoration process. The good news is that we have since gotten what we feel is a credible diagnosis and theory of what that problem is, and we are working on it.

Late yesterday we extended the previously announced forward/copy scheme. This means that you may not only see and respond to copies of mail received since 9:00 am PST at the Squirrelmail web page, but you will also see older mail there, from the time of the hardware crash Sunday morning. There may be some duplicates. We will temporarily keep delivering copies of new email sent to all Zimbra-enabled accounts in the older email systems, until full recovery.

To recap yesterday's instructions, this temporary use of that old Squirrelmail web mail at webmail.well.com is your simplest short term solution. Log in there, and if necessary, click "fetch" to pull copies of your mail to that page for now for reading and replying. (You may also use POP off of the older servers, or Pine at your well.com home directory via SSH.) The best place to get questions answered will be the conference for WELL technical help. The shortcut is "go welltech" when logged in to the conferences.

We are simply appalled at this series of machine failures, holiday timing and bad coincidences. As soon as the backed-up email is back, we will work on strategies to make a scenario like this one impossible. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.